25 March – Boris Johnson: Reverse Alphabetical 1

(following speech grammar)

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Thank tell teachers taking take support staying stay stay staff staff spread spread specialist special some so so so slow sir sick set set services.

Service service scientists scientific school say save rules right right responded remind regular reduce recognise – reasons questions public protect professor population policy police plan phone pharmacies.

People, people people people people Patrick patients patients own over out out.

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Night NHS NHS NHS NHS NHS, NHS needs needing, must more,

Monday medicines medical measures many making lives line.

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Instruction in in in in importantly I I I I I I I I I I hundred hundred hours hospital.

Hospital hoped home home home home help help health have have have have have has has has harder government’s good going given.

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Fifty few everyone everyone everyone everyone everyone everyone equipment entire driving doctors disease disease developments delay defeat defeat days day daily crucial.

Crisis Coventry course country country coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus core cope coming clear.

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