31 May – Robert Jenrick: Bilabial Plosives

(words containing sounds 'b' or 'p,' organised by paragraph)

be updating support vulnerable people be updating people steps programme support pandemic

But update

Behind heartbroken prayers

pandemic Vulnerable people protecting been especially important pandemic

important explain

people be able group before pandemic people but possible unable jobs be

Prime people express

people profound impact members protect people number

up unprecedented

boxes priority supermarket people doorstep partnership responders helping people be people providing

support But burden places people wellbeing

important help available despite please website practical steps support available wellbeing

above beyond support

parish supported

people been about


passed peak prevalence believe proportionately population

people people best

step updated people be steps spend but

be able spend members person

prevalence be uploaded




spent understandably be about comfortable

map place be beyond point be but based up

part population vulnerable believe period be possible be

base experts best available about prevalence

place steps programme beyond beyond

patient about steps support be available

become favourable being be

support available possible people

patience appreciates be

provide update sleeping by Prime sleeping

pandemic believed special protect vulberable people especially people sleeping

percent sleepers help pandemic

been been protected

help sleepers part billion provided job


been people possible But promises

Because sleepers

support provide people help private but be provided rebuild

supported be available sleepers providing people helped pandemic

backing pounds desperately sleepers possible

become pounds be spent

But sleeping

provide specialist support sleepers support potential

be springboard better be symbol hope belief path predetermined