22 May – Priti Patel: Fill In The Gaps

(selected sentences with words missing)

Good afternoon, welcome to ___________________________________________.

I am pleased to be joined by ___________________

First, I will update you on ____________________:

All our ________________________________ remain with all those who have lost loved ones.

At this time of national _____________, it is crucial that we remain _______ to save countless more ___________.

That means doing ___________ in our power to ____________________ – taking the ______ action, at the ______ time, to prevent a deadly _______________.

That is why I am today announcing ____________________________________ – and these include __________________________________________________________

Let me explain why we are bringing forward __________________as other restrictions finally start to ease, following two hard months of lockdown.

The answer why is simple: it is _______________________________________________

We are following the ________ and introducing _____________________________________ supported by SAGE.


We do not take these steps ____________.

This is extremely __________ and these are difficult times for the entire nation as our freedoms have been sadly, but necessarily, ___________ .

We do not ________________ how hard the new restrictions will be for people up and down the country, and also those who have already _________ so much to help beat and drive down the spread of ____________.


We will review these _________________ measures every three weeks to ensure they remain the _______ ones for our road map to recovery.

And these measures will be introduced from 8 June, so that people ______________ the UK will be required to self-isolate for 14 days, except those on a short list of _______________.

We know that the vast majority of people will continue to ______________ and act _________, to control the spread of this virus and stop a second wave.

But we will not allow a small, reckless minority to endanger us all – so there will be penalties for those who break these mandatory measures.


I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank _______________________________for the role they will play, and for all they are doing to protect our nation at this deeply challenging time.

We are working across all four nations of the UK to make these public health measures work, but I will now turn to _____________________________________________.


We will keep these penalties under review and will be unafraid to increase them if that is required.

But have no doubt: we are taking these measures at the _____ time because we are serious about ________________ and _____________ the virus.

We will be guided by the ________ and the health of the public and the country will always come first, which is why we are implementing ____________________ now.

Our absolute priority remains to ________________________, to __________ and to _____ and __________________________________of this virus.

That also means supporting our ______ and making short-term ___________ together, to stop ____________ taking more lives.

I will now handover to _________________________________________, who will ________________________________________________________________________.