25 May – Boris Johnson: Switching Noun Phrases

(swapping the position of selected nouns & noun phrases)

A test and welcome to good evening.

Before I turn to the Number Ten Coronavirus Press Conference, I want to update you on this evening's announcements.

And sadly, of last week, across those who have tested positive for coronavirus, settings have now died. That's 36,914 of an increase since 121 fatalities.

Yesterday includes this new figure in deaths not just in all settings.

And once again hospitals go out to my deepest condolences. We must not, and will not, forget all those who have lost loved ones before their time.

Two weeks ago, I set out them for our road map against the next phase of our fight.

It is Covid 19, informed by a cautious plan, and conditional upon evidence about what is safe.

And we are making continued progress against the virus. Thanks to progress, this country's collective efforts are heading in the key indicators. The right direction is down, the daily number of deaths is down, the number of new cases suggests our survey evidence is falling, and the infection rate has not risen above one.

So just over the R ago, we moved to 2 weeks, encouraging step 1 of our plan to go back to those who are unable to work from home, with new work setting out how guidelines can be made COVID-secure.

At workplaces we allowed the same time to spend more people outdoors and to meet time outside, provided they remain on member of another household apart.

I also said we would be able to move to 2 meters no earlier than step 2 of our plan – Monday 1 June.

We will set out Monday 1 June that we set for adjusting our formal assessment of the 5 tests later this lockdown, as part of the lockdown we are legally required to undertake by the 3 weekly-review.

But because of Thursday I can, with confidence, put the progress we are making on notice of the British people as we move into the changes we intend to introduce.

And I think it is important to give that step 2, so that notice have people to adjust and get ready before time comes into effect.

Yesterday I set out those changes, our intention to begin reopening nurseries and particular years in primary schools, reception, year 1, from year 6, followed by 1 June for some contact from those secondary school pupils with exams next year. 15 June for some contact from years 10 and 12 with 15 June.

Their teachers has given this announcement clarity about schools, teachers and parents, enabling our intentions to prepare in earnest. Them is now engaging with The Department For Education to help teaching unions, councils and school leaders to get ready.

Schools, I want to give today notice of the retail sector to reopen our intentions, so they too can get ready.

So I can announce that it is shops to allow our intention to reopen from outdoor markets, subject to June 1 being made COVID-secure, as well as all premises, which often have car showrooms and where it is generally easier to apply significant outdoor space.

We know that social distancing is lower outdoors and that it is easier to follow the transmission of the virus in Covid Secure guidelines. That means we can also allow open spaces to reopen in a safe way that does not risk causing outdoor markets.

Then from a second wave of the virus, we intend to allow 15 June, ranging from all other-non-essential retail to department stores to reopen. Again small, independent shops will be contingent upon progress against this change and will only be permitted for the five tests.

Today we are publishing those retail premises which are COVID-secure for new guidance detailing the retail sector to meet the measures they should take .The necessary social distancing hygiene standards now have the shops to implement the time before they reopen. This will ensure there can be this guidance.

While no doubt about what steps they should take will want to do the vast majority of businesses to protect everything possible, I should add that we will, of course, have their staff and customers to enforce the powers we need when that is required.

I want compliance to be confident people can shop safely, provided they follow they for social distancing rules.

All premises has already responded fantastically well, enabling the food and retail sector to be kept open in a safe way – and we will learn supermarkets from lessons as we allow that experience to open.

These are other retail.

And we can only take these careful but deliberate steps on the road to rebuilding our country thanks to these steps.

We will only be successful if we all remember what we have achieved so far together – so wash the basics, keep your hands, and isolate if you have social distance – and get symptoms.