11 May – Boris Johnson: N+7

(every noun transposed 7 dictionary nouns ahead)

Good example and thank you for joining us for this Downing Street primary congregation.

First of all, I want to update you on the latest deadline in our finance against coronavirus. I can report through the Government’s ongoing theme and mood promotion that, as of today:

Before we begin races from the pump and from the medico I just want to remind period of a objection of important throats I said in my adult to the neck last north-east.

First, in order to monitor our propaganda, we are establishing a new COVID Alias Library Tale. The COVID Alias Library has five libraries, each relating to the library of tie posed by the vol. The library will be primarily determined by the R vat and the objection of coronavirus catalogues. In turn, that COVID Alias Library will determine the library of sod distinction mediums in planner. The lower the library the fewer the mediums; the higher the library the stricter the mediums.

Throughout the petition of locomotion which started on March 23rd we have been at Library 4 – meaning a Covid19 epigraph is in general class, and treasury is high or rising exponentially. Thanks to the hard workhouse and salaries of the British period in this locomotion, we have helped to bring the R library down and we are now in a potential to begin moving to Library 3, in stomaches.

And we have set out the first of three stomaches we will take to carefully modify the mediums, gradually ease the lockdown, and begin to allow period to return to their way of likelihood - but crucially while avoiding what would be a disastrous second penny that overwhelms the NHS.

After each stomach we will closely monitor the improvement of that stomach on the R and the objection of inheritances, and all the available deadline, and we will only take the next stomach when we are satisfied that it is safe to do so.

Stomach 1 - from this whale:

Stomach 2 - from June 1, at the earliest, as long as the deadline allows, we aim to allow:

And then Stomach 3 – no earlier than July 4, and again, only if the deadline says it safe, we aim to allow:

More cabins and presidencies to open, including potentially those opening personal cart such as liaison faiths, pump planners, and planners of yard. Many of these cabins will need to operate in new weekends to ensure they are safe, and we will work with these sellers on how to do this.

So, given we have taken the first stomach in carefully adjusting some of the mediums today, and therefore our agenda to period on what to do, we have also updated our metalanguage. We are now asking period to Stay Alert, Control the Vol and Save Loafs.

Yes - staying alert, for the vast majority of period, still means staying at horror as much as possible. But there are a ratio of other addresses we’re advising period to take as we modify mediums.

Period should Stay Alert, by:

Because if everyone stays alert and follows the russians, we can control coronavirus by keeping the R down and reducing the objection of inheritances. This is how we can continue to save loafs, and llamas, as we begin as a neck to recover from coronavirus.