27 May – Matt Hancock: Word Syllables 1

(most to fewest, in speech order)

eligibility eligibility

coronavirus coronavirus coronavirus individual deliberately immediately biological coronavirus immediately coordinated immediately coronavirus

incredibly isolation necessary identify ultimately epidemic effectively capacity capacity capacity reality unknowingly voluntary mandatory collectively community reunited gradually application

afternoon Jonathan Deputy Medical Officer Baroness NHS Improvement formally NHS important including seventeen yesterday positive yesterday positive yesterday recorded yesterday sacrifice protected NHS effective NHS NHS infected isolate yesterday positive detectives NHS clinician NHS positive together possible infected isolate infected unable transmission reproduce possible NHS instructions NHS earlier pandemic infections national everyone contacted infections positive everyone critical expanding tomorrow expanding NHS effective possible important everyone isolate everyone technicians providing companies together family already governments together instructions isolate contacted NHS instructing isolate transmission everyone instructions NHS family following instructions really desperate families together tomorrow contacted positive isolate anyone tomorrow addition contacted NHS advising isolate acknowledge sacrifice everyone liberty position reopen primary carefully national targeted focuses family holiday controlling constantly NHS piloted NHS

welcome Downing daily briefing Van-Tam Harding programme today service milestone country people about before update latest data million seven hundred ninety thousand hundred ninety carried UK hundred hundred sixty seven thousand hundred forty people tested increase thousand thirteen cases tested across settings thirty seven thousand hundred sixty people sadly hundred forget effort flattened question working answer until vaccine doing living without risking putting only answer question replace national lockdown contact virus local action respond concept simple testing virus finding very because national effort symptoms yourself thousand thirteen people tested contact tracing person tested movements virus contacts virus virus exists only purpose many copies itself purpose control virus defeat follow because control virus protect people programme answer because needed flatten contact tracing system virus towards number needed lockdown only under control country number number contacts tested enough testing making hundred sixty thousand because increased announce further testing include under every single person symptoms matter very symptoms tribute involved making project happen Dido Harding making testing contact tracers manning healthcare expert advice record really matters protect testing tracing become being today England Northern Ireland system colleagues Scottish working system nations working systems across country people symptoms civic duty avoid spreading virus because quickly because only forward lockdown better people follow safer faster safely lockdown people workers every themselves return knowledge mattered country counting closer closer system morning a.m. people people received result today very distinct approach moment recap extent today symptoms households remains vital a.m. whether symptoms also without symptoms receive fully going purpose purpose safety because virus other people without ever having symptoms safety only outdoor markets COVID secure coming Monday because flattened system coming very away lockdown blanket moving towards system local action tackling local restore basic freedoms matter people doing people yearning seeing booking getting haircut virus keeping people service never before improve ahead service further system's bedded contact tracing being only answer answer action taking requires doing testing tracing virus finish control virus

good and back to street for the I am joined by the Chief and by Dido the chair of and of our test and trace we launch the test and trace this is an for the that I know will want to hear I do I'd like to you on the three and eight four and tests have now been out in the a and tests two and two and have which is an of two and of those who for all four and have died and since four and twelve deaths have been we mourn them and we will not them as I said thanks to your and we are past the peak we've the curve we've the and the big that we're all to is this an comes through how can we get back to more of the things that make life worth or lives at risk test and trace is a big part not the part but a big part of the to that test and trace means we can start to the with for those who've been in with the and where it's to to a flare up the is first through we hunt down the out who is right now and I use we we all have our part to play this is a and we all have a role if you have you must and get a test two and and the next step is through like the from test and trace and the who's work to the of the where it's been and who else it might have then we those who might have been so the is to spread and we break the chain of think of it like this the to that is its sole to make as of as if we can thwart that then we can the and it we must the test and trace this is how we the and the and save lives some have asked why now why not launch this in the course of the the is we to the curve right at the start of this we had a in place but as the raged its peak the of grew so large that we a this was the way to get it in the was and told to stay at home now we've got the of new each day right down the of of those who've is small that we can be in touch with we need to and of course is to this work we now have the for a and one tests a day and of that I can that we're yet from we are for to the fives so that now who has of can get a test no their age and what's more to make test and trace as as it is that with must and go and get a test now I want to thank and pay to in this big who has led the work the in the labs mass a the the phones the staff and the who've helped us pull it all at scale and pace and what is this to your friends and your and must a new way of life this is launched in has a in place and my in the and Welsh are to bring in a as soon as they can all four have been to make sure we have that are the whole and the to are clear if you get and get a test if you are by test and trace you to you must it is your so you the and you help to break the chain of this will be at first we trust to do the right thing but we can make it if that's what it takes if we don't make this work then the way is to keep the put the more the the we will be and the we can lift the so do it for the you love do it for your do it for the and do it for all those front line who've gone out day and put at risk to keep you and your safe and in for those you'll have the you did your bit at a time when it when the whole who are to see their were on you to do the right thing you did your bit to bring us all and to that day when we will be this will start at nine and the first who will be will be the who a this is a change on our and I just want to take a to the of the change we say to with and their this from nine in if you are by test and trace you to then you must do that you have or not now I know that for those who the call I that this is a big ask and you are to make a but this is for a and that is the of we know you can have the and spread it to at all and it's not just the of all but the of all that is at stake here we are in a to schools and if they're this we've the curve and now we have this in place in the weeks we will and move from a that is in scope in and start a that is much more in scope and on flare ups this will help us to some of the that so much to and some of the things that are to do like friends and a or a all while the and safe it is a brand new on a scale seen there will be bumps in the road and we will it and in the weeks we will ramp up the still and once the in we will roll out the app that is in the Isle of Wight and of course test and trace is one part of the it's not the whole all of the we're to get R down and keep R down it all us to keep the right thing and will help us to hunt down this it is one of the tools with which we can the job and we all need to play our part so please stay alert the and save lives