1 June – Matt Hancock: Alveolar Plosives

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Good afternoon and Downing Street today's. To do slightly differently today. To charts. Test trace. Questions and journalists.

That today it's that it incredibly important anybody symptoms – taste – that get test.

It's forward to get test, get dialling. It's getting tests that to identify get best treatment that trace that control.

That most important what do to control.

First slide testing capacity. Yesterday hundred and twenty eight thousand hundred thirty tests, total tests carried out start. Testing capacity stands at two hundred and thousand hundred forty.

Extra capacity tests and tests right website dot dial. Want to highlight that it's important that forward test and needs test get test.

Next chart that thousand hundred seventy confirmed yesterday. Lowest twenty. Total, two hundred and seventy thousand, hundred and thirty two confirmed. But thousand hundred and seventy that continued downward confirmed.

Getting under control, cautious, positive steps to today. At admissions to hospital COVID-19, hundred and seventy. That's down thousand hundred and twenty second. Proportion ventilators, corresponds to that percent, that hundred ventilators. That lowest late.

Picture repeated. Almost hospital COVID-19 lowest late. Yesterday thousand hundred forty hospital COVID-19.

Slide. Sadly, thirty thousand and forty thirty thousand and forty died, confirmed positive test. That's hundred and yesterday. That lowest lockdown twenty.

Charts pattern board, that significant, that still to done.

Want to notes: to volunteer hundreds thousands forward stepped to plate.

To charities and charity hard difficult times.

To and. To pharmaceutical and diagnostic, without couldn't mounted.

To pharmacists and dentists, pleased that dentistry restart next. Hard and understanding, stand behind frontline.

At start pride, want to take moment can't get together would to LGBT community do and.

Data that action. Data that battle.

Today, to cautious to lockdown. Balanced judgements and take decisions.

Must that against, side. Together, take steps together. But do not step too. Disease not done yet. Mustn't that made.

Take responsibility. Symptoms must get test and to isolate must do.

To everybody, stay alert, control and.