18 June – Matt Hancock: Gestures

(words accompanied by hand gestures)

Baroness Executive Chair

united us

the number

as you can see from in each of the lines.

the overall movement

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the number

in total, from coronavirus So number of deaths

the battle

it’s a battle with many fronts.there's two areas

Before I talk about coronavirus vaccines, I just want to mention a very important reminder

fall behind on the vaccinations for other diseases

the long run,

in the first phase struck

They’re starting manufacturing now, even ahead of approval, a stockpile and be ready, stockpiled before So we are starting the manufacture

the way

prioritising those

two groups: frontline health and social care workers, and those

vaccines is to throw everything at it, as fast as we can, and rigorously

This is our approach across the board in fact, including on That’s the second area

Baroness Harding

daily lives not knowing

may remember, complement human we've been

After as soon as they did this, we began working on in the same way

I personally feel, , in this fight, we must leave no stone unturned.

Of course, distance of course is mission critical

So, as it stands, our app won’t work, because Apple won’t change their system. But it can measure distance.

their app can’t measure distance well enough to a standard that we are what matters is what works.

public or private sector, here or overseas, agreed

the work that we've done distance calculation

Test and Trace system,

if you get a call

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