27 April – Matt Hancock: Transitive Verbs & Their Object

(transposed to present continuous, in speech order)

following a new format

following demand

taking questions

becoming a feature

not seeing the questions

giving the answers

announcing this approach

asking questions

working-through the plan

protecting life

protecting the NHS

slowing the spread

flattening the curve

having capacity

providing care

needing care

losing sight

causing grief

including colleagues

dedicating lives

feeling duty

setting-up a scheme

receiving payment

not replacing loss

doing everything

supporting families

dealing with grief

having access

valuing health care workers

doing the right thing

protecting the NHS

having capacity

needing treatment

lying empty

exceeding need

being proud

attending the opening

getting things done

being an ambitious project

thanking the NHS

making plans

boosting capacity

re-enlisting staff

enrolling students

boosting the workforce

changing the digital capability

using online consultations

not losing advances

following the rules

accessing the NHS

having a heart attack

feeling a lump

seeking help

using the NHS

needing the NHS

starting tomorrow

beginning the restoration

honouring people

dedicating lives

not risking a second peak

having resolve

seeing this through

protecting the NHS

saving lives