4 May – Matt Hancock: Noun Phrases

(in speech order)

the daily coronavirus briefing

the latest plans

this massive testing capability

what we are trying to achieve

our plan

our goal

the number of spare critical care beds

the latest figures

1,291,000 tests

13,258 people

28,734 people

that figure

these reported figures

a constant, insistent reminder

the national testing infrastructure

the capacity

the next part of our plan: track and trace

the aim of test, track and trace

a more targeted approach

a huge national undertaking

Britain's small but brilliant diagnostics industry

an army of human contact racers

the contact tracing app

test, track and trace

the app

the next steps

test, track and trace

huge enthusiasm

the islander's enthusiasm


the island

the testing capability

the contact tracing capability

the app

the trial

the app

the app

the app

this log of proximity

other app users

an alert

a test-ordering function

a simple message

the people of the Isle of Wight

the pilot

this trial

the social distancing rules

the instruction